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Insights (Blog)

Akka Concurrency - Adam Parrish
Akka concurrency by Derek Wyatt I am so far on chapter 5 of Akka Concurrency as I weather my way up this mountain of knowledge that is Scala. Derek has done a great job so far of cre...
Decorating DOM Functions W/ Filters - Trevor Ewen
I wanted to try it in a small case, so here is an example of using a filter on an ng-click handler, to create a new handler that stops propagation. This may be a good technique when working with legacy applications. Applications that ...
Scala: My journey - Adam Parrish
scala is the new java, in a good way I set out to learn about scala last summer and had aspirations even earlier when the coursera course became available a few years ago by Martin Odersky. S...
Adam's Software Blog - Adam Parrish
So this is it, I am starting a new blog. I used to blog about all things related to software design and development, and I thoroughly plan to continue to do the same. This time with more poor grammer and terribly non-funny jo...


Since before the 1.0 release of AngularJS, it has been the Neosavvy choice for rich web applications and mobile HTML5 development. Angular's strong support for test driven development, lightweight core library, and broad community make it an ideal choice for RESTful front-ends and happy developers.

We have overseen implementations of Angular applications at Morgan Stanley, HBO, Honest Buildings, amongst others. It is the fastest growing expertise to which we devote.